Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Just received phone and it is draining the battery and over heating.

A: Most Old and Some New Phone Models that haven't been updated to the newest software tend to do alot of background processes like updating its software and your applications or transfering your info and accounts from the cloud, a good troubleshoot solution while this is happening is to set your phone into power save mode for a couple of days while it does this to keep from stressing and consuming battery power.

Q: Having Speaker and/or earpiece and mic issues.

A: These issues are usually related to hardware problems but in some cases it might be a bad software issue. First solution that we provide is to do a software reset if problems still arise reach out to us for help.

Q: Phone isn't receiving data or Connecting to my network and it seems to be network locked.

A: When your device is having issues connecting to your network first verify if your unlocked phone is compatible with your network. (Refer to the links provided below) If it is compatible then the usual solution will be to set the correct APN Settings which a guide can be found here.(APN Settings Guide). For Any other issues Contact us For Help


Not all unlocked Phones are compatible with every network due to hardware limitations.If you have questions regarding your phone model compatibility with your network refer to these links.

Apple Device Network Compatibility

Android and Any other Device